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About Us!
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Here is the Coaltrain story!

Trains have played quite a large roll in country music, and Jay B. Douglas while working in the coal mining area of the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, Australia, became inspired by the songs that told the tales of the early days of steam locomotives hauling long freight trains to the towns and cities around Australia, - and so "COALTRAIN" was named.
The duo of COALTRAIN is Tamworth award winner Jay B.Douglas doing vocals and guitar with Tatania Mihai on keyboard and vocals.Both artists have many years of experience as professional entertainers producing an ultimate presentation of quality and versatility in a wide range of music from traditional folk and bush ballads to modern up-tempo country and country rock.

Jay B. Douglas

Singer, actor,songwriter annd producer, Jay became known after winning an award for yodelling at Tamworth's Country Music Festival in 1979. He released his first album with Hadley Records and also toured Australia with the Brian Young Show in the same year.
Born in South Africa, Jay has spent the greater part of his life performing throughout Australia annd overseas as a solo and cabaret artist.Twice he has been invited to perform on the luxury cruise liner Fairstar.
1993 saw the release of his second album "As Promised" which features his first attempt at songwriting with the superb ballad 'Bridabella Lass'.
Jay is a dynamic performer,- at home with a soft ballad or a raunchy country rock number. This is a trait that leaves his audience wondering just where he will take them next.


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Tatania Mihai
After a long absence from the performing side of the music industry, Tatania Mihai returns to COALTRAIN on vocals and keyboard.
Born in the United Kingdom and migrating to Australia as a child Tatania has been involved in music as long as she can remember. In her teenage yearrs she joined the Ingham based group 'The Kontikis' playing keyboard,percussion and backing vocals.The group played a variety of music styles such as country, folk and rock, but abandoned after a period of about ten years of tourng around Australia.
When Tatania decided to retire from performing, she continued to assist artists in publicity and public relations. The success of performers such as Eddie Taylor (New Zealand) and Jay B.Douglas can be directly attributed to her. She has also enjoyed the success of owning her own business as a breeder of some of the finest quality of rabbits in Australia.
A country girl at heart -- you will enjoy the performance and personality of Tatania Mihai both on and off stage.